Fraz and Bearman by Andro

GENUS: Vombatus?
SPECIES: Unknown
LENGTH: 51 cm
WEIGHT: 14.5 kg
AGE: Approx. 8 yrs
COLORATION: Light tan, white spots
LOCATION: Valley forest trail
SPECIMENS COLLECTED: blood, skin, hair, claws, saliva
NOTES: Unusual creature. Never before seen. May be a new species. Habitat unknown. Odd behavior. Seems to like chocolate. Further study warranted.

Our friend Andro drew a picture of Fraz and Bearman for Bearman’s Bearman’s Charity Challenge. Add a post about the challenge on your blog, and make Bearman cough up $5. Visit his website for the details. Andro’s original post can be seen on his Bearman Challenge 2014 post.