Wombie comics twice a week

Internationally syndicated to newspapers since 2003, Wombania is now posted online two times a week on Mondays and Thursdays.

The Wombania comic strip is told mostly from the perspective of the Wombies, whose struggle to adapt to the strange human world they’ve been forced to live in is a never-ending challenge.

Wombies, created by the late Dr. Franco to be the world’s greatest pets, are genetically-engineered super wombats. Controversy surrounded their creation, and unforeseen complications, fueled by a mysterious underground society and an international conspiracy, lead to the Doctor’s demise. Lead by Binky, the Wombies escaped the lab and ended up living with their only human relative, Chris Land. They succeed in keeping his life interesting.

If you’d like to read Wombania in your local newspaper, tell the Editor or Features Editor that their paper’s just not worth reading without Wombania! You’ll be glad you did. And so will the Wombies.

More information about Wombania and the Wombies can be found at the Background page and the Wombie FAQ page. Click on the characters below for their profiles.

You can email the Wombania comics crew here.

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Chris Land Picture

His life was boringly normal until he got Wombied.

Dr. Franco Picture

Mad scientist and creator of the Wombies.

Binky the Wombie Picture

Binky’s the brainy one, a rocket scientist, inventor, and philosopher.

Winky the Wombie Picture

Winky’s a little wonky, but he’s got a big heart.

Twink the Wombie Picture

A passionate artist and gourmet cook.

Fraz the Wombie Picture

A high-energy hyper-Wombie.