Fraz with Big BenThat’s Big Ben! And me! (Photo courtesy of strefa.)

The older you get, the more often words disappear from the tip of your tongue. Where they go is anyone’s guess.

(This comic strip was previously published on October 28, 2010.)

In honour of young Prince George getting a large stuffed wombat on the royal’s recent trip to Australia, Fraz took a trip to London to show Prince George what a real Wombie is like.

While down under, Prince George, being the highly intelligent Toddler that he is, took an immediate liking to his stuffed wombat, and clearly has a preference for wombats. This trait runs in the family, as Prince William, George’s father, was called Wombat when he was little.

(Thanks to Cha from Dontchawannadream for the idea.)

Fraz at the Tower of London

Me at the Tower of London Castle. The best castle ever! (Photo courtesy of ct253.)

Fraz marching with the Buckingham Palace Guards

Marching with the Buckingham Palace Guards. They wouldn’t give me a hat! (Photo courtesy of akivasha.)

Fraz and the London Bridge

The London Bridge. I wanted to raise the bridge but they wouldn’t let me do that either! (Photo courtesy of bugdog.)

Fraz at some red London phone booths

Me and some red phone booths. I dunno what a phone booth is. (Photo courtesy of sylmac.)