Wombat Day 2012

For the eighth annual Wombat Day celebration, the Wombies made eight little Wombat Day cakes. Wombat Day is observed every October 22, and is usually celebrated with chocolate cake and wine gums. Stories about the wombat, and the wombat’s origin are told, and the party ends with a display of fireworks. The secret Wombat Dance is also performed at the more traditional celebrations.

More information about Wombat Day can be found here. Instruction on how to make your very own Wombat Day cake are also available.

2013 Wombat Calendars are available from the Native Animal Rescue Group website. Money from the sale of the calendars helps raise orphaned and rescued wombats.

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Wombat Day video by created by Soma Mukherjee

Wombat Day Brownie 2012
Wombat Brownie with chocolate M&M candies made for Wombat Day 2012