Binky’s House Party by Debbie Adams

The Wombies had an early spring gathering at Binky’s Beach House to celebrate its opening for the season. Binky, with his rocket of course, was joined by Twink, Winky, Fraz, Dink, Tink, Coco, Vanille, and Cici and Cassie. Much chocolate and wine gums was comsumed by all.

Debbie Adams is a multi-talented artist who draws and paints in both traditional media and digitally. You can visit her art blog Debbie Adams Art to see much more of her work. The original post of Binky’s House Party on Debbie’s website can be found here.

Binky's House Party

Binky’s House Party by Debbie Adams
11 x 14 oil pastels with digital painting
March 26, 2012