Habib Wombies by Cha of Donchawannadream

Kamikaze squirrels can cause a lot of excitement when they jump out in front of your bike without warning or signalling. Most squirrels fail to obey traffic laws.

(This comic strip was previously published on June 24, 2010.)

Cha from Dontchawannadream sent the Wombies, Binky, Winky, Twink, and Fraz, to Morocco where everyone got involved in the local culture. Twink learned to belly dance, and Fraz was even made into a prince! You can hop over to the Habib Wombies post on Cha’s blog to read the details.

And to go along with the above drawing, Cat Forsley, a singer, songwriter, poet, and musician, created this great background tune called “Drown Out”. Click on the play button below to hear it, or click on her avatar to hear more of her music over at SoundCloud.