Fraz's portrait by Debbie Adams

Wombat Day 2011

The seventh annual Wombat Day isn’t until Saturday October 22, but the Wombies decided to start celebrating a few days early this year.

Chocolate, wine gums, a Wombat Day Cake and Wombat Fudge are all you need for the perfect Wombat Day.

To help celebrate Wombat Day, the Wombies’ good friend and multi-talented artist has painted Fraz, the latest portrait in her Wombania series. Zip over to Debbie’s wonderful website and have a look at all her other great paintings and drawings. You’ll be delighted you did!

The good folks at ButterSword are also celebrating Wombat Day, and they made a magnificent Wombat Cake for the occasion. If you visit them, they might even offer you a bite.

And over at T.M. Comics, Tony has done a great Ratbags Wombat Day cartoon to help celebrate down under. Cedric has really gotten into the spirit of the holiday despite being a rat and not a wombat. He’s the only flying wom-bat we know of. Go check out Cedric’s costume for a laugh.

Faythe from Grammy Mouse Tails made us a delicious Wombat Cake and put up a Wombie Alert to tell (warn?) her audience about our Wombat Day tradition. Pop on over to her blog and see what she has to say about us.

Loon from ****Loon has put up a Wombat Day announcement on her website. For the latest wacky news, check out her site.

Duncan from The Mad Hatters has also posted a Wombat Day announcement. It’s a mad world, and The Mad Hatters try to keep track of it.

And Sandee from Comedy Plus put up a Wombat Day announcement, too. For a daily dose of funny, check out Comedy Plus!

Happy Wombat Day everyone!